Saturday, April 08, 2006

Well....Opening Day was good.

Ugh, I have a massive head cold, and the last time I looked out the window it was actually snowing. Not helping matters is the fact that I stayed up late all week to watch baseball (so much for strict limits on my baseball habits!), and the Yankees being on a first week skid. It’s one thing to stay up late to listen to your team win, quite another when you crawl into work the fan of a losing team. If that losing team happens to be the Yankees, there is no mercy. A lifelong Orioles fan walked up to me and said “just so you know, my Birds are over your Yankees in the standings.” “Oh. I’m sorry, is it September?” “No, but like I’d pass up any opportunity to gloat.”

So it’s Saturday and I’m too sick to go out. I’m wrapped up in as many layers of fleece as I could find that weren’t packed away for the summer, and I’m going to listen to the game, hoping that the Yankees turn this freighter around.