Friday, April 14, 2006

Sweeps are good...

So it’s a three-game sweep of Kansas City in Yankee Stadium. Without being arrogant, that’s as it should be. One of the announcers on ESPN commented, “These two teams shouldn’t even be in the same stadium together.” But last year the Yanks got swept by the Royals in Kansas, and no, damnit, I haven’t forgotten. Sports Illustrated made the argument that close games fill seats, but watching your team romp all over another team has it’s merits as well.

The game was on ESPN the other day, and I got home to catch the last bit of it. The announcers were saying that managing a team like the Royals or the Devil Rays is all about preaching winning baseball. With no 5-tool players, and a serious shortage of 3- and 4-tool players, you have to make the most out of opportunities – when luck turns against the dominant team, the less talented team has to be there to take advantage of it. Still that could be a pretty sizable mental roadblock to overcome – to lose game after game and still maintain enough energy and enthusiasm every day to SEE opportunities when they present themselves.

Gotta say, I much prefer Damon bashing in a three-run homer in pinstripes with no trace of red in the uniform. The Yankees may not have needed the bat, but wow, it sure as hell doesn’t hurt.

I am half-listening to the game while doing several other things – the problem with listening to the game in the other room is John Sterling. “It is HIGH!” -- I drop everything, tell whoever I’m on the phone with to wait a sec-- “It is FAR!” --- I run into the next room – “IT IS....caught at the baggie by Ford.”