Sunday, December 25, 2005

Hot stove!

Well, Merry Christmas, and man did I ever speak too soon about there not being anything going on in the trades. Looks like the Yankees found their centerfielder. I have to say, I still have a ton of misgivings – I still think Damon may be too old and too injured, but then again, not one major league baseball team has ever called me to ask if I would be interested in being their general manager.

I must admit, I really can’t help myself, GOD is it funny watching the Red Sox Nation FREAK OUT about this. I am spending Christmas in New England, and really, being in the heart of the Nation is definitely the best vantage point. “How COULD he???” Uhhhh....the Yankees acted like they wanted him? I mean, I’m sorry, people couldn’t see this coming? It was obvious to everyone that the Yankees were desperate for a centerfielder last season. TONY WOMACK was playing centerfield, that would have been your first clue. The Red Sox have an All-Star centerfielder whose contract is up, and has been expressing discontent in various small ways all season. The Red Sox blew it by not making sure that Damon knew beyond all doubt that he was very much wanted and that they were willing to work with him to keep him – please, it’s not like Boston is hurting for money. I know a big deal is made about the Yankees being the best team money can buy, but it’s not like the Red Sox are the Royals or the Devil Rays. And New England LOVES Damon – so pay the guy! Because, see, there’s Brian Cashman standing right over there, drooling, with one of those really big Yankee paychecks.

Johnny looks good with his short hair, and will look even better as a lead-off hitter in pinstripes – no disrespect to Jeter, who was not exactly a slouch in that role. Quite frankly, thinking about that batting order is making me dizzy – I just start laughing, and can’t stop. No predictions as to what might happen in April – God knows, Randy Johnson taught me to not count chickens, etc. But December feels reeeeeally good.