Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Walk On...

I guess the Yankees’ charter plane had some sort of mechanical trouble and they didn’t get into New York until 3:00pm yesterday. Yeeeeeikes, imagine being trapped on that plane – there are times when many millions of dollars a year may not be enough.

The knives are out, and the sharpest ones seemed to be aimed at ARod. He’s not the only one, though, I’ve heard just about everybody hacked up. The only ones who were spared attention were Small, Chacon, and Giambi, and the only Yankees I’ve heard spoken of positively was Jeter. I don’t think that would be much consolation to Jeter at this point.

The focus on ARod as the problem is utter bullshit, though. I’m not going to lie, when ARod grounded into that double play in the top of the 9th in Game 5, eliminating Jeter, I realized very suddenly that it was over, and I was furious with Rodriguez (“THE WORST POSSIBLE THING YOU COULD HAVE DONE IN THAT SITUATION!”). Having gotten some perspective, it wouldn’t have come down to that if they had been playing to their potential throughout the series. I seem to recall through a haze of bitterness that Chone Figgins and Vlad Guerrero were pretty well shut down by the Yankees throughout the series, and yet (ouch) the Angels (ouch) still won. Baseball’s a team sport, and it’s impossible for one guy to lose a five game series all by himself.

Steinbrenner released a thank you to the fans that was the most menacing show of gratitude I’ve ever heard. “WE WILL DO BETTER.” [Brian Cashman drops to the floor gasping, eyes bulging, trying to remove the unseen hand that chokes him.]

I’m still smarting – baseball isn’t fun to watch yet. I’m working my way into watching the ALCS but the first game was peppered with bad Yankees performance, and that sucked to watch the first time. I had to turn it off. I was able to watch several innings of tonight’s game – it’s weird though. I’m not that familiar with either team, and it’s like wandering into a stranger’s party.

It’s interesting when people scream about the payroll and the salaries. I was thinking about how much money I’ve actually spent on the Yankees this year, and I came up with the startling figure of …$15. I bought a subscription to Gameday Audio. For that piddly sum I got a season of baseball that was frustrating, exciting, suspenseful, and ultimately entertaining. I suppose if I had season box tickets, I might feel differently, but that not being the case…I could have spent ten times that amount, and still feel like I got way more than my money’s worth.

I know that that isn’t good enough for the Yankees, and I love that about them – none of this “We’re used to losing” rationalization crap. I’m sad that they didn’t ride the coaster deeper into the postseason, but as October moves on and I begin to think about putting away my t-shirts and washing my battered Yankees rally hat…

Is it April yet?