Sunday, October 09, 2005


And my blues persist. It’s times like this I wish I were into football – at least then I would have something else to occupy my mind. No such luck here though, it’s baseball and that’s it.

I can’t seem to get myself excited about the game tonight for some reason – again, is it the weather? Apparently, and without knowing it, I moved from Pennsylvania to India during monsoon season. It’s cold and dreary, and the accompanying “blahs” are especially stubborn. A gorgeous, elegant Yankee win tonight would lift my spirits considerably, and another Yankee win – of any kind! – tomorrow would make me ecstatic.

I’m worried, though. There are no guarantees here, and even if the Yanks make it through, the White Sox are rested and ready. To be honest, it’s not exactly like Chicago looked tired sweeping the Red Sox, you know? If the Yankees should make it, they’ll have to get on a plane late Monday night to fly to Chicago to play Tuesday night. I hope they rested up yesterday – took long naps, watched a lot of movies. I can’t tell you how bummed I’m going to be if the Yankees season ends tonight. I can’t even wrap my head around that concept. It doesn’t seem real.