Saturday, October 01, 2005

It's October? Already?

Crap. The Yankees need to win one game to stay in it, and I thought that they had a pretty good shot to win last night’s game. Crap.

I went out this morning to get the paper and the Red Sox Nation had already attacked my door with Red Sox logos, MVPapi signs, and a note saying “Hasta la vista Yankees! It’s over!” Halloween came a little early here. I would have preferred a crushed pumpkin and a couple of rotten eggs.

Overly confident folk, these Red Sox fans. I still have no idea which way this weekend is going to go. The Sox would have to sweep the Yankees to take the AL East on Sunday, and while it’s certainly possible, even the most die-hard Sox fan would have to admit that a sweep of the Yankees is unlikely. With Wakefield being so tough, and Mussina pitching injured, anything is possible, but the Yankees aren’t going to just lay down and die.

I watched the game on ESPN, and the shots of ARod hugging David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez before the game had to chap the collective asses of the Red Sox Nation. In uniform, no less, which is going to raise the ire of some old-timers, I’m sure. “Never fraternize with an opposing player in uniform.” Pfft, whatever. Major league baseball players are such a small, elite group of people, and they lead such a weird demanding life, that already there are very few people who understand what it’s like to be a Manny Ramirez or an Alex Rodriguez. Then factor in the reality of so many players changing teams so often, it seems a little ridiculous to worry about the uniform rule. Freakin’ ARod. Guy’s been playing Gold Glove caliber defense for months – and most of last night’s game, frankly--then lets a ball squeak through his legs like a Little Leaguer. Tell me that Fenway doesn’t get to them a little bit.

And Posada! Whoo, he had to be happy to see that game end, he was just having a bad night. Bad at-bats, a passed ball, and arguing with the umpire to the point where I was really shocked that he was able to stay in the game (and apparently, so was Torre, because Flaherty was suiting up.) That’s the only time I see Posada get really pissed off is when he’s screwed something up and he knows it, and now today instead of getting a chance to redeem himself, he gets to sit on the bench watching Flaherty do his job. I would imagine telling him that he’s cute when he’s mad wouldn’t help the situation any, either.

Cleveland lost last night, which helps. Reporters were talking to Ozzie Guillen about a month ago and asked him who had the better team, the Indians or the Yankees. Without hesitation, he answered “The Indians.” He owes the Yankees and Red Sox nothing, and his team has clinched AL Central – it had to be tempting to just coast this weekend, but the White Sox hung in there and beat it out. In 13 innings for God’s sake – I’m guessing that they won’t be so eager to push it to extra innings today.

OMG, how bout the rookies having to dress up like cheerleaders, and then having the footage released to ESPN??! Just when you thought you were a big shot Yankee…nice legs, guys.

Getting close to game time…we’ll see how it goes today. Hope springing eternal, and all.

Go Yankees!