Monday, October 03, 2005


My God, they did it. They did it! I have pictures of champagne-soaked Yankees floating across my desktop! They took the AL East! Whoo is that making the Red Sox guy in my building grumpy…he acted like I set fire to all of his Boston stuff or something. He -- like almost everyone except Derek Jeter, apparently—did not realize that the AL East was on the line on Saturday. He was not happy that it came down to who had the better head-to-head record. (I think that’s actually a really good idea – it makes the whole season important, not just how hard you play in August and September) Derek Jeter had figured out on Friday night what was at stake, and was trying to tell his teammates what could happen – they didn’t want to hear it until after they won the game. God is he all that AND smart enough to master all the playoff scenarios? Maybe he should run for president when he’s done being a Yankee.

And speaking of those smart Yankees, look who taught themselves to hit the knuckleball! They said something on Fox about how the Yankees had a closed batting practice with a retired knuckleballer, but I didn’t hear anything about it after that. Whatever, I couldn’t believe how many hits they were getting.

Oh, and the Big Unit can scowl and grumble all he wants as long as he pitches that well and keeps it quiet enough that the umpire doesn’t hear him.

I thought it was cool when Gary Sheffield came out and put his arm around Joe Torre while Torre regained his composure to talk to the cameras. Sheffield doesn’t seem like the kind of person to make empty gestures and it was a really touching thing to come over when he did.

On to the postseason Bombers!