Sunday, September 11, 2005



Oh my God that was the GAME, I cannot believe they won that game! A SHUTOUT against BOSTON! A one-run win! Ohmigod! No wait I have to run another lap around the house, I’m too hyped up….

That was just amazing. Randy, all is forgiven. You do not, in fact, suck. You keep pitching like that and Curt Schilling might not have to adopt you.

Whew, I am totally dizzy. I don’t think I remembered to breathe the entire 8th and 9th inning. I’m kind of glad they don’t play tomorrow, I could use the break.

My Red Sox loving buddy just called me to needle me about the upcoming series with Tampa Bay. Every Red Sox fan I know was sounding somewhat disconsolate last week when the Yanks dropped the series against TB. “It’s no good winning the playoffs if you don’t have to beat the Yanks to get there. It’s like you didn’t really win.” Well hold the phone, because this season is still kicking!

I checked out *Sigh* You know, I love the guy. I love what he does, and I think a lot of people talk a lot of trash about him that he doesn’t deserve. (Nothing like being fiercely talented, filthy rich, and ridiculously good looking to bring the claws out.) But this website. Mmm. I. am. FABULOUS.” He couldn’t wait until November after he’d done something like, oh, I don’t know, help his team win a World Series? And I know all the copy has to be ghostwritten, but at some point he has to read and approve it right? How do you go through all that sycophantic blithering and say “yes, that is absolutely true, I am, in fact the nearest thing to God on this planet. Go forth and publish, spread the word!” I know he’s got the chops to warrant the praise, but just once I would like to see a very talented athlete jus’ hush up and play. (Oh, wait….that would be Derek Jeter.) I watched the “Pinch Hit and Run” segment with Jennie Finch -- I thought it was funny that he wasn’t even going to try hitting her pitching (btw…ouch. Why is her arm still in its socket?) God forbid, ARod being struck out by a guuuuurlll, that wouldn’t do at all.