Saturday, September 17, 2005

A win is a win is a win...

Last night’s game kind of sucked. I mean, they won, which was great, and Alex and Robbie were all over the home runs, which was great, but…

Randy got thrown out for running his mouth. The announcers made it sound like he wasn’t warned before being thrown out, and that umpires need to e more understanding of emotional players in a playoff race. As it turns out, he was warned, Flaherty admitted, “Once the umpire pulls off his mask, you need to back off.” Which Randy obviously didn’t do.

I’m all about personal responsibility here – if you’re working under the assumption that people will be more understanding of your childish and selfish behavior because you’re under stress, you’re asking for trouble. The Yankees needed him to pitch 7 innings and pitch them well, and he didn’t do either of those things. In a way, it did everyone a favor throwing him out. A homerun and hit batsman in the first inning with 50 pitches halfway through the second inning? Not exactly the makings of a magnificent start. He’ll apologize, but so what?

Alex got hit again… there is some talk that his arm may be broken, but he was going to wait until the morning to see how it felt. Who takes care of these guys? There’s this newfangled invention called the X-ray, you know, real science fiction stuff, lets you see right through to the bone to see if it’s broken. I halfway expect to hear that they bled him and made a goat sacrifice to the gods.

The Yankees bullpen, up to the point where they get to Gordon and Rivera, is a disaster. They gave up so many runs I went numb and had difficulty concentrating. An opposing team with any kind of patience would be able to make a real game for themselves once the Yanks get into their bullpen.

And the damn Red Sox, battling with Oakland in the rain until late in the night win the thing on a hit batsman. I thought Proctor walking in the winning run an extra inning game was bad, imagine being the pitcher who plunks in the winning run—how do you even apologize to your teammates for that? “Yooooops!”