Saturday, September 03, 2005

Three little letters...


And right after that “ERA”. God, what is it with this team? As soon as they get any kind of momentum going something happens to one of their pitchers and they freeze up. LOB for last night? TWENTY-ONE. (Which might also be Al Leiter’s ERA at the end of the first inning. Poor Al. I don’t think he’ll be coming back after that one.) How do you get TWENTY-ONE guys on and bring NOT ONE of them across home plate? I mean, I know it’s really hard when two of your pitchers give up 10 runs in two innings, but this is the YANKEES. Look at the people in that line-up! Not ONE run?!

I checked Gameday before I went to bed to see how things were kicking off. I was stunned when Leiter threw Strike One, and then immediately followed it with Strike Two. (Whoa.) I thought this was a sign of good things to come and shut my computer down happy. About two hours later something woke me up (come to think of it, it may have been the screaming death spiral of Leiter’s career) and I turned on the radio to check the score. (I am such an addict – I am totally strung out on baseball this year.) The Yankees were down 11, and almost the whole starting line up was off the field in the fifth inning. (John Flaherty playing 1st base????!!!!) Apparently Torre sent everybody home to think about what they’d done. Dear God.

And Mike Mussina may be out for the remainder of the season. The Yankees are to pitchers as Spinal Tap were to drummers – honestly, I’ll bet if you check the mound there would be green slime. There was a totally unsubstantiated rumor flying around that the Yankee organization was looking into signing Sidney Ponson… apparently “Yankee Pride” is no longer a factor.

Oh and Kevin Brown is apparently done for the season, and probably as a Yankee. Finally, some good news. What can Brown do for you? Sign with another team. Preferably the Red Sox.