Monday, September 26, 2005

Sprinting to the finish...

Well, I had planned to be listening to the ballgame tonight, but the weather had different ideas. The Boston/Toronto game has already been called, and they have to make it up in a double header tomorrow. I’m glad the Yankees aren’t going to have to do that…I guess one of the potential solutions to a rainout was to make up the games after the Boston/Yankees series this weekend…NO THANK YOU. Talk about anticlimactic. I bet half of the Orioles wouldn’t even bother showing up.

The Toronto series was fine – I’m glad the Yanks faced them first, then Baltimore. Toronto still seems to be playing serious ball, and Baltimore looked like they could give a damn up in Yankee Stadium. I’m really glad Boston has four games with them, and even more glad that Toronto is to them like Tampa Bay is to the Yankees.

But everybody knows it’s going to come down to this weekend – how could it not? I know baseball isn’t fixed, but it couldn’t be scripted any better than this.

Yesterday was so sad, saying maybe-goodbye to Bernie. I hope not. I hope he’s still there in some capacity with them next year. I love watching Jeter, Posada, Bernie and Tino goofing off in the dugout, they make it look like they’re having fun playing.

I watched the profile of Derek Jeter on 60 Minutes last night. God, how nice is he? Just a decent human being, and I don’t know how anybody stays a decent human being after being that famous for that many years. His parents and my parents have very similar parenting styles—the contracts made me laugh. My contracts growing up were more like handshake deals, but they were very much in play.

What a long way Jeter has come from that game two weeks into his first minor league season that maybe no more balls would be hit to him.