Friday, September 23, 2005


Oh…….my……..God. Don’t look now. Be very quiet. Nooooo sudden movements.


It didn’t really hit me until out of force of habit, I went to look at the Wild Card standings and the Yankees WEREN’T THERE! Oh, I know, anything can happen – God knows, if there’s one thing that Yankee fans have learned over the past year, anything can happen. But I’m finding myself tempted to cancel plans so I can listen to games. I’m overjoyed that I can check scores on my cell phone. I switched cable/internet companies on Saturday, and was insistent that everything be up and running perfectly before the game came on or I wasn’t going to switch until November.

I would love to be smug about bumping the Red Sox, but I’m not quite sure about gloating rights just yet. The way the Indians are playing, the Wild Card may not be an option – the Red Sox, motivated by the fact that they’re in as much danger as the Yankees to not go to the playoffs at all are quite capable of pulling it together and beating out the Yankees. It has done a fine job of shutting down every Red Sox fan I know, however. David Wells said what everybody knew – the Yankees were on the mat, and the Red Sox had the perfect opportunity to crush them, but they didn’t manage to do it, and now they have to deal with the Yankees to get to the post-season.

The series with Baltimore has been kind of ugly. I like Brian Roberts, and watching his arm get pulled apart was really kind of horrifying. Poor Bubba, great walk-off home run one night, rip your former roommate’s arm off the next night.

What’s up with Jeter? Striking out in the clutch, throwing wide? *gasp* Jeter screwing up is like finding out there’s no Santa Claus all over again. It seems like every time he starts doing that stuff he’s hurt, maybe his arm? Perish the thought, no wonder he’s not telling anyone.

Oh my God, Tino just let a ball go through his legs, what the hell is going on here? Now it’s like I found out there’s no Easter Bunny all over again. I am really glad that they aren’t planning on using Mariano, because if he were to blow a save? It would be that moment where I realized that there might not be a God all over again.

That’s pretty funny. Moose has been pitching great, but because of sloppy defense there are runners on. For some reason though, guys are warming up in the bullpen. I didn’t realize there was a bull pen for infielders….

Wait a minute ---- Suzann Waldman SINGS? Will wonders never cease. Suddenly I’m thinking of Ethyl Merman and I don’t know why.

Ooo! Jorgie is having a hell of a game – 2 home runs! A rally! Let’s hope it’s a huge rally and Mariano can nap uninterrupted. I’m going to go listen to the game.

OMG, the Yankees are in first place!