Wednesday, September 28, 2005


This playoff race is all about who blinks first, and if the Yanks had to blink, last night was the night to do it. Actually, it’s not the team as a whole that blinked but the bullpen squeezing their eyes shut. I still can’t quite comprehend that score – how can they lose so badly with 9 runs? (Answer: pitching.) I believe I mentioned a few entries ago that it would be nice if there was a place for Al Leiter on the team – and that place should involve a comfy chair and a pair of pom-poms. It should absolutely NOT involve any kind of ball or mound! Sorry Al, but damn.

When Gary Sheffield hit that grand slam, I really thought they had it – I was sure they had it. That’s the kind of game they usually win.

I admit that I had to turn the game off, it just got too depressing. With every game a must win, to lose one so badly is disheartening. I was thinking about those ALCS and World Series losses where Derek Jeter is one of the last people in the dugout, watching the other team celebrating – how the hell does he do that? I understand that to really appreciate and enjoy success, you have to know failure too, but watching the other team celebrate would be one of the very last things I wanted to do.

Anyway, whatever that was, hopefully they got it out of their system. Cleveland and Boston lost too, so the Yanks essentially got a do-over, and another miracle. Back to the pennant race boys.