Saturday, September 10, 2005

Cardiac stress test in pinstripes....

Back to work, which means very little time for baseball, and even less time to write about it – depressing. I’m a little jealous of anybody who gets paid to sit in a ballpark and watch baseball – how cool would that be?

Every cliché about those Yanks – “rollercoaster ride”, “upanddown”, “streaky”, whatever, I can’t look away, the suspense has me reaching for my inhaler every key play.

The Oakland series was fantastic – rebounding after a 12-0 loss to take the series? Yes! They’re going to the playoffs! Major props to Aaron Small and Shawn Chacon for making that series happen. I thought it was funny when Chavez made a dig at Small, categorizing him as an inferior pitcher. Small’s response? “Oh, he’s right. My stuff’s not all that good.” Er…where’s your ego dude? Aren’t you supposed to be issued a major swollen head with your professional athlete uniform?

How weird is it to see Mark Bellhorn in a Yankees uniform? (Slammin’ kneesocks, bay-bee. I will never develop an appreciation for that look.) He looks much better cleaned up, finally rid of that greasy mullet mess that used to creep out from under his cap. I always expected some creature to peep out of that thatch every time the cameras were on him (“Boo!”) There are some things that Steinbrenner does that I do approve of, and insisting that his players practice good basic hygiene and fundamental dressing skills is one of them. Bellhorn looks a little crazed at the moment – that has to be like free-falling. One day you’re a Red Sock, literally the next day you’re flying across the country to play for your former team’s arch rivals.

Ah, but then, in walks Tampa freakin’ Bay, and losing the series to the Yankees new daddy, the *&%$ DEVIL RAYS. The mood fluctuates in the other direction No! They won’t make it to the playoffs! I’m with ARod on this one, I was just glad to see them get out of town. I can’t believe that they have to play them again next week. I would rather they had to fly all over the country playing the top team in each division than having to play Tampa Bay.

I just watched the end of today’s game against the Sox, and the Yanks got smacked around pretty good. Fucking Schilling. He’s one of those players that I don’t care for, regardless of the uniform he happens to be sporting, and one of my all time favorite moments of this season will always be the two run homer ARod hit off of him to spoil his comeback in July. (“I’m sorry, weren’t you talking some kind of shit about me?” *CRACK*) I was pretty hopeful about this game – last night’s game was awesome. Aaron Small! He appears to have no ego, but having a guy like David Ortiz strike out and look over at him like “Who IS this guy?” has to feel really good.

I was laughing out loud at Jeter mugging at David Wells – only Jeter could be pulling faces one second, then smacking a single the next. That guy could concentrate in the middle of a tornado. They looked like they were having fun, and playing really decent ball while they were at it. Hey, it’s not every day a team like the Red Sox hand over four errors (“SPIKE!”) and I’m just glad the Yankees took advantage.

One major issue…Everybody knows when a runner is heading for home, they have to mow the catcher down to get there – fair play to Varitek for knocking Posada on his ass, and much credit to Posada for risking the injuries to block the run. Johnny Damon did something similar in May, but when the play was over, he went back over and offered his arm to Posada to help him up and patted his back after making sure he was ok. No such class from Varitek – apparently some people can’t maintain a competitive edge without acting like a jerk.