Friday, September 02, 2005

Ah, come on, guys...

Man that loss yesterday really got to me. That felt exactly like the game against the Royals on Saturday, except they never exploded in the ninth. I was happy because the game was on at a reasonable time, but then they just seemed really “meah” – Wright got hit and they fell apart. What is it with the Yankees and leaving guys on base? Christ it drives me nuts. The New York Post was really grim about the loss Tuesday, but this was worse. Three out of four in this series would have been respectable, but splitting the series was not. God last spring when they were dreadful they pounded the Mariners. Really, really bumming.

What a week -- Mussina pitched badly, but they won. Chacon got his first shellacking as a Yankee – let’s see how he recovers from that. I wondered how long they could continue coming from behind and I got my answer. On the bright side, in walks Randy Johnson. THAT Randy Johnson. Go get ‘em Randy! Although I have to say, all the bellowing and chest pounding is a leetle beet scary. Waaaaaay too big a guy for that. He said, “There are a lot of people around here who couldn’t handle that from me every five days.” Er, yeah, ya think? Lurch springs to life. But it was fun listening to him school the “19-year-old pitching phenom” Felix Hernandez. (Absolutely everything that I read about Hernandez referred to him as the “19-year-old pitching phenom” like it was his title. “His royal highness”, “Secretary of State” --- “19-year-old pitching Phenom”) I love the fact that Johnson made a really big deal out of Robbie Cano too. “Without him, maybe we don’t win this game.”

And on the bright side for the Yankees, the A’s have lost like three key players to the DL – very lucky break, now let’s see if they make the most of it. Any handicap will do, thank you. That and the talk of Chien Ming Wang coming off the DL…maybe maybe maybe.

Because you know who they have to face next week. Mmm hmm. Oh yeah, BIIIIIG series, a constant thorn in the Yankee side. Yeah, you guessed it.


What, you were thinking Boston?