Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sweep in the right direction....

Leiter, that guy, I’m tellin’ ya. I have time to get an entire week’s worth of chores done around my house when he pitches. Spring cleaning level of cleaning going on here.

I needed for the Yankees to have an easy blow-out kind of game today – thank you Jason Giambi for giving me that. It’s nice to have the opposing team hit a two run homer and think “huh” rather than “OH NO!” And so the Yanks sweep Kansas City, avoid the rain and leave for the Left Coast. I have to start back at work this week and won’t be able to stay up late to listen to the games. Baseball withdrawal!

There was a huge article in the Arts & Entertainment section of the paper today (you know, “The Daily Red Sock”) about a local English professor who happens to be a huge lifelong Red Sox and Phillies fan (geez, think about that for a minute). He apparently wrote a line by line baseball reinterpretation of T.S Eliot’s The Wasteland about the Red Sox winning the World Series last year. The Yankees of course are the figure of evil. (um…wasn’t it the Cards that they beat to win the series? Just curious.) Next up a reinterpretation of Beowulf with the Yankees as Grendel, I’m sure. His buddy paints huge folk art murals of famous baseball games – I’m wondering if he paints Yankee players with little horns. Cloven hooves? Forked tails. Get over it already!