Saturday, August 13, 2005

King George expresses displeasure

So Steinbrenner’s unhappy. So what else is new? Referring to Joe Torre repeatedly as “the manager” was a little ominous. As if that title might not apply to him in the very near future. How he can blame Joe for this mess is beyond me, it’s like blaming a chef for not being able to make a five-star meal with slightly stale gourmet ingredients and a broken stove.

Torre has the gift and the curse of a team full of smart veterans. How do you keep a team like this together and functioning when there have been times when NOBODY, Brian Cashman included knows who’s pitching in two days. These guys will know the score – many of them have been down the World Series road more than once. If Torre tries to sell them bullshit, they won’t buy it, and there’s very little real encouragement to be found this year. And yet, despite all the usual and unusual distractions, he has managed to keep the team fighting. If they aren’t still in it, they don’t seem to know.
Will Steinbrenner have learned from his mistakes? Or will he set Torre up to take the fall for the rather ordinary performance of the living fantasy baseball team he assembled? I am afraid that the latter will be the case, and I’m dreading November and December. Torre may be fired and Steinbrenner will be looking for more All-Star players in their 30’s to patch up the problems – when anyone in the organization tries to point out that that didn’t work well before, Steinbrenner will dump the blame on Torre and say that his new manager will handle it. While he’s at it, why not completely miss the point and name ARod as team captain?