Friday, August 26, 2005

Guilt is a terrible thing to waste...

Oh, sure, but when the Yanks give up 9 runs in one inning, front page of the sports section, above the fold! They did a box score for yesterday’s win against Toronto, so I am slightly placated.

Wednesday was a little spooky, eh? I mean, Mussina is probably getting tired, being the only pitcher on the original Yankees starting roster who is both consistent and uninjured, but eight runs? Eeeeeesh. The fact that Randy Johnson is pitching tonight against Kansas City is not reassuring, especially since Kansas did such a nice job working over Boston. (Working over Curt Schilling! Har!)

I had to call my dad yesterday and give him hell. Months ago we had planned to go in for the game against Toronto yesterday. Neither one of us wants to sit in the bleachers – we both have to travel 2 ½ hours to get to the stadium, and damnit, I want to be able to at least be able to read the numbers on the jerseys when I get there. There were great seats available along the 3rd base line (or as I like to call it “Derek Jeter’s side of the field”, apologies to Matsui and ARod.) Both my dad and I lament that when they show games on tv they waste all this time putting the camera on the announcers (who cares?! They’re sitting there talking!) or focusing completely on the match up between the pitcher and the batter. Third base line we can not only see what’s going on in the field, but into the Yankees dugout, which is cool.

A few weeks back I called him to find out how much I owed him for the tickets and he said, sounding annoyed “Well I haven’t gotten them yet! We need to see what the weather is going to be like! We’ll get them that week.” Fuck! My dad apparently still thinks it’s the 80’s when Don Mattingly was hitting home runs into seas of empty seats. Needless to say, we didn’t get tickets.

Having grown up Catholic, and being skilled in the art of the guilt trip, I had to call him after listening to the game. Perfect weather, ARod and Sheffield did their back-to-back-homerun thing, Mariano shut it down in the 9th, Shawn Chacon pitched an “I-saw-him-when” start, Jeter was fully recovered from his tragic thumb incident. (An aside – how funny was that? Jeter was, even for him, remarkably evasive about that thumb. How’d you hurt it? “I forget.” Bet he did it doing something stupid – slapping somebody upside the head or moving the entertainment center at home. No wonder Torre basically had to tie him to a trainers table to get him to take a day off -- I’m sure he’ll be taking endless rations of shit from everybody about it. “Did you huwt your widdle fumb?”) The only element missing from the mix was Cano, another I-saw-him-when. Oh, yeah, I laid it on thick. He assures me that we will be buying our tickets for next year the second they go on sale in December.