Saturday, August 27, 2005


UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOO! I have to be honest, I almost packed it in on this one – even John Sterling sounded like he’d given up, calling the plays almost as an afterthought. I am soooo glad I didn’t turn the game off, that was AWESOME! I am almost always doing something else while the game is on – folding laundry, paying bills, whatever… All I could do for the whole bottom of the 9th was pace back and forth…AMAZING! Many thanks to the Royals for blowing that double play and giving the Yankees that proverbial crack in the door…

WCBS interviewed ARod afterwards, and Suzann Waldman asked him if they would have won this game two months ago – he said “NO.” And to that end, I have to start thinking of him differently… I haven’t been giving him enough credit, still thinking of him as the guy that has trouble making it happen in the clutch. When Sheffield was up with 2 outs and runners 2nd and 3rd , I thought that if I were managing the Royals, I would consider walking Sheff, and going after ARod, hoping that he’d go for the big dramatic hit and strike out. This is why nobody is calling me to manage a baseball team – that was the two-months-ago ARod – this guy did exactly what was needed. Did I say? I feel the need to repeat it…WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!

Friday night’s game was such a nice break – Randy Johnson pitched well (!!!!!), Bernie made up for not being 23 by bashing the hell out of the ball, and they got and kept the lead—very pleasant to watch. Why does ARod grab Jeter by the neck? It looks like it hurts…

I was at the library the other day, and actually read the interview in The New Yorker about Gary Sheffield – he says what he says – he contradicts himself somewhat. Complaining that two guys on the team get all the media attention (there is some truth to that), but then getting pissed off about having to deal with the media doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. I guess that would fall under “Sheffield being Sheffield” however. The article is an interesting example of how the media works, though. Most of what Sheffield actually says is targeted toward the media and the Yankees organization. It’s the interviewer who takes what he says and embeds it in names-named “Stepford Yankee” digs at Rodriguez and Jeter. With the media playing games like that, why would anyone ever be honest with them? Anytime anyone is, they twist it to suit their purposes – if you’re going to survive intact you almost have to be an automaton when the microphones are on.

Just checked the scoreboard. Boston lost a huge lead and lost 12-8 to Detroit. How perfect is that?