Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Do the Red Sox own my local paper?

Frustrated and disgusted with my local paper. This is football country – Eagles country to be precise – and baseball is only that weird little sport that takes place during the three weeks that there’s nothing going on with football. I’ve come to accept that. But they haven’t even printed a box score for the Yankees for the past two days -- just a final score in tiny print among all the other AL box scores. What’s the deal? They didn’t finish late, it wasn’t a late game – really irritating.

Ah, anyway… How ‘bout those Yanks! Such exciting nerve wracking baseball – they’ve gone from being an all-star sure thing to a team knitted together from all stars, rookies, veterans, and guys thrown out by lesser teams. (God, the players of the game were Felix Escalona and Al Leiter.) How can you not love that? The fact that they aren’t a sure thing, the fact that Joe Torre has to use every ounce of the considerable managerial ability he has to make this happen, the fact that the all-stars may have to make it a point to get on base rather than saving the day – MAN. This is really cool. It would be really cool if the five starting pitching slots could be given to the guys who earned on the basis of performance this year, rather than history.