Monday, August 22, 2005


Ah, yeah, Randy Johnson. MVP material that one. When he goes to Torre and volunteers to act as closer to give Mariano a break, I wonder if Torre gets dizzy and nauseous. Because, which inning would it be – a shut out, or six runs on four home runs? I had to turn WCBS off because I got sick and tired of listening to the fireworks go off after each one. Besides that if either Waldman or Sterling said anything about “Well he pitched a great game except for one really bad inning,” I was going to start pitching stuff myself. Uh-huh, yeah, and the Yankees would be in first if it weren’t for the Red Sox, but it doesn’t work that way.

Is George Steinbrenner paying attention? This is not an issue with Torre or any of his coaches – it’s not like you can coach Randy Johnson at this point in his career. This was an expensive mistake – people thought that the Big Unit was going to pitch the same way at 41 that he did when he was 37 – and he’s not doing that.

I would be terribly impressed with the Unit if he was throwing as well as he was talking. I mean, volunteering to pitch every fourth start and help out as closer, that’s great, if you’re pitching well. At this point, the idea of having Randy Johnson get more time on the mound induces an overwhelming carsick feeling. I don’t have enough good luck rituals to manage that.

Can you believe that kid asked for $20,000 for Jorgie’s ball? Damn! I’ll bet the little darling is going to donate it to charity, right!

But they won the series, and they are still in the running. I cannot imagine what any kind of playoff series would look like with this team, but they are still in it.